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I want to publicly give my support to Mel Hamner, a man I have known... for about 15 years. I know him to be a man of honor and great character he is a man of his word. I can't say enough for this great American. He has my vote and I hope he has yours. He is worthy.


Pastor Irvin McCorkle

Family Worship Center






"I have known Mel Hamner for 4 years in my work with the military and it has been an eye opening experience from day 1.  Mel has taken me around town on many occasions and introduced me to members of the community of Bastrop, explained the long and storied history of many of the families and landmarks, and spoken passionately about the good people and community of Bastrop.  His energy and passion for people and making everything around him better is something I wish I could bottle and sell.  He is inspiring to be around and I'm certain will make the very best candidate for County Commissioner. "

Mark A. Weedon





"There are a lot of people who run for public office. Unfortunately too many of them don't accomplish any more than that. They just run for office. We all know that we need qualified leaders at the helm as our community is growing. We need someone who knows what the problem is, and has a plan to fix the problem. No one fits this need more than Mel Hamner. He is a leader. He confronts his challenges with optimism and faith. Mel genuinely cares for our community and has the ability to assess the problems we are facing and make the changes that protects the interest of our families and community. I strongly support Mel Hamner for County Commissioner."

Pastor Jerry Edmon

Senior Pastor

Family Worship Center





"Part of the problem and challenge we, as voters, face today is finding political and community leaders that have practical and hands on experience in leading, managing, and administrating.


Too often in today’s political environment and society we have chosen political leaders who do not have the basic skills and qualifications required to do the job we elected them to do. Being well rehearsed on issues and topics and also being articulate on stage do not equate to being able to solve complex problems and handle complex issues when they arise.


In voting for Mel Hamner, you will not have to worry whether he can perform in times of crisis or whether he can administer and lead effectively.


With 25 years of solid military performance in leadership and administration, and with countless years managing customers and business, Mel not only knows how to deal with the public, but also knows how to break down barriers, move projects forward, and deliver positive results no matter who he is working for.


Solid values, solid core character, and a solid man. When you vote for Mel Hamner you will be voting for the “calm in the storm” and he will truly be an anchor and bedrock for Bastrop County as Commissioner."

Andy W. Rice

Vice President and General Manager




During the eight years that Mel Hamner worked with Stanley, Black & Decker, I learned some crucial information about Mel. First, he is a strong leader – among his responsibilities was training for our 32-persons commercial sales force on how to successfully work with our target markets.  Second, he’s smart – it was his development of our sales strategy that drove our sales from $16 million in 2006 to $33 million just two years later. And finally, I learned that you can trust Mel to follow through, no matter the challenge he faces. He will accomplish what he sets out to do and you can rest assured that he will finish what he starts.


Craig McCoy

Director of Sales

Stanley Vidmar

2001 to 2012

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