• Twenty-six years of military experience as a Logistics Plans Manager developing long-range, deliberate theater logistics support options to sustain US military operations in South and Central America.

  • Twelve years of increasing responsible experience as the Regional Military Sales Manager for the Southwest Region of the United States. Responsibilities included developing sales leads and strategic partnerships supporting both long and short-term sales goals.

  • Eight years of increasing responsibility ranging from Government Sales Manager to Eastern Region Director of Government Business Development.

  • Led sales team to 100% increase in government business in less than two years. 

  • Established long standing relationships with senior officers of active military and National Guard leadership.



During his military career, Hamner’s responsibilities included developing plans to rapidly move personnel and equipment into potential zones of conflict worldwide and negotiating logistical support agreements with senior officers from foreign governments through the U.S. Embassy. After retirement, he worked as Director of Eastern Region Government Business Development for Stanley Black & Decker Industrial and Automotive Repair for eight years and was honored as Sales Manager of the Year in 2007. For nine years, he was Southwest Regional Sales Manager for AAR Mobility Systems, where he tripled regional sales over a three year period. Hamner currently operates Hamner and Associates Government Business Development, working with Fortune 500 companies to increase sales to the U.S. Military.




  • 1986 - Command Logistics Manager of the Year – Pacific Rim                                

  • 1988 - U.S. Air Force Logistics Manager of the Year - worldwide                                

  • 1988 - Command Logistics Manager of the Year – Air Combat Command                    

  • 1989 - Ogden Society of Logistic Engineers Efficiency Manager of the Year - Utah          

  • 1991 - Command Logistics Manager of the Year – Air Combat Command

  • 2007 - Sales Manager of the Year – Stanley, Black & Decker                                                       




Air Transportation/Logistics Plan Manager

            U.S. Air Force                                                 June 1968 through December 1993


  • Analyzed and solved logistical deficiencies at twenty five sites in austere locations.

  • Led organization to national recognition in 1988.

  • Managed career progression of 120 personnel by sourcing and scheduling their advance training.

  • Provided Command level briefings at the General Officer level to support major program buys over $7M.

  • Prepared staff studies for senior management consideration to resolve logistic deficiencies.

  • Coordinated activities of five work centers to enhance overall mission accomplishment.

  • Negotiated Logistical support agreements with Senior Officers from foreign governments through US Embassy Military Groups.

  • Transformed error riddled computer database to zero error status in one month.


Southwest Regional Government Sales Manager

            AAR Mobility Systems – Cadillac, MI            March 1994 through October 2005


  • Increased sales in a seven state region from $5M in 2001 to $15M in 2004.

  • Developed National Guard Homeland Defense initiative for $40.5M in support of Headquarters platforms for War on Terrorism Command Control platforms.

  • Initiated National Guard Resolution to purchase Mobility Tool Rooms for all 2 ½ and 5-ton trucks with a total value above $50M.

  • Developed annual sales goals for a seven state sales area to include all active duty military installations and National Guard Headquarters in each state and local armories.

  • Prepared initial photos and technical support data for the first company website.


Director Eastern Region Government Business Development

            Stanley Black & Decker Industrial & Automotive Repair – New Britain, CT         October 2005 to May 2013


  • Developed sales strategy that drove sales from $16M in 2006 to $33M in 2008.

  • Led development of weapons storage helping maintain sales averages for the next four years in a declining market.

  • Worked with corporate lobbyist to secure $9M in National Guard/Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA) plus ups supporting weapons storage for next five years beginning in 2013.

  • Introduced sales team to the National Guard market increasing sales to the Guard market from $500k to $4M in a single year.

  • Trained 32-person commercial sales force to recognize primary customer base from final decisions makers to enhance sales process and improve buy to quote activity by 40 percent.

  • Taught commercial sales force military inventory and maintenance acronyms to increase customer understanding and guide presentations to better sales closures.

  • Developed product briefings to support sales at both the user level and command decision level.

  • Led team in development of new uses for existing product lines to increase market share in government market.

  • Proposed strategic partnerships between parent company and other companies with enhancing products that resulted in additional sales potential and revenue.


Hamner and Associates Government Business Development

                                                                                       May 2013 to present


  • Working with two Fortune 500 companies to increase sales to the US Military.

  • Developing new product lines to support Army National Guard Domestic Operations.

  • Proto-typing new highly mobile Command and Control shelters to increase military flexibility.

  • Clarifying government contracting management methods for both clients.

  • Working with other companies to increase relations within the government marketing community.

  • Bringing a single buying face to the military buying arena.

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