A Goal is Hard to Attain Without a Plan


  • Working Together to Prepare for Future Growth

  • Create Master Road Plan for Precinct One

  • Planning Transportation Before Traffic Jams Happen

  • Developing Homes, Not Just Houses

  • Enhance Capabilities of Bastrop County Employees

  • Turn Abandoned Properties Into Communities


Bastrop County Needs a Logical, and Logistical, Plan for the Future



Working Together to Prepare for Future Growth

Bastrop County should develop a long-term planning process that anticipates the next 30 years of growth in our community. Outcome of that process is development of a County-wide Capital Improvements Plan that also anticipates necessary budgetary support to achieve that plan. Organizations throughout the county, including cities, special districts and homeowners associations, should work together to accomplish common objectives instead of focusing solely on individual, short-term goals. Our community must encourage progressive employment growth within Bastrop County itself, including a broad diversity of business operations – manufacturing, bio-tech, technology, hospitality and retail.


Create Master Road Plan for Precinct One

There are four distinct road districts in Precinct One.  Our plan rotates the road crew from one district to another each quarter.  This ensures each district gets their worst roads rebuilt.  This has resulted in the rebuild of 15 miles of road, two major bridges and repair of 60 FEMA work orders damaged by 6 Nationally declared storms in his first three years of his first term in office.


Planning Transportation Before Traffic Jams Happen

Bastrop County should take the lead among area governments to develop a road system that ties together county, city and state thoroughfares to alleviate traffic tie-ups before they develop. There are currently too many miles between isolated subdivisions, without speedy egress feeders to enhance evacuation or even detours when needed.  This leaves our residents with limited routes out of their neighborhoods during emergencies. Through increased communication among state and local agencies, construction of adequate roads and bridges should facilitate our community’s orderly, well-planned growth.


Developing Homes, Not Just Houses

With growth comes the need for additional housing development.  Uniform subdivision standards should encourage provision of completed, adequate infrastructure from day one. Developers should be expected to provide family recreation areas and activities for youth.


There is also a huge need for affordable housing for our growing senior citizen population.  This will call for coordination with our state and federal agencies toward that goal, including development of adequate health care capabilities and support.


Enhance Capabilities of Bastrop County Employees

The County must get more bang for its buck from county employees. With advanced training, road construction hands should be able to take on projects that are currently contracted out. In the Sheriff’s Department, it is not uncommon for our recently trained deputies to be snatched away by municipal and state agencies that offer higher pay scales. Bastrop County peace officers should be compensated competitively, even if that means pay raises. At the same time, we should work with other local agencies to develop interagency training programs to reduce costs.


Turn Abandoned Properties Into Communities

When citizens fail to pay their property taxes, at some point state law provides for the properties to be turned over to the county and then sold at public auction. The county should aggressively alert developers and Realtors when larger plats may be suitable for developing subdivisions or commercial opportunities.





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